Complex retrofitting project: exhaust gas scrubber installation on m/t FREUD
Santierul Naval Constanta SA (Constanta Shipyard), is continuing its steady course as a leading NB and repairs & conversions shipyard in Black Sea, confirming the trust of the Clients, who despite of challenging times we are living, are still confident in maintaining and strengthening the business relationship on the very active market of ship repairs. This summer we have successfully completed a new scrubber retrofitting project that was awarded to Constanta Shipyard by one of its reputable and traditional customers, TMS - Tankers Ltd Greece. The scrubber project (started with prefabrication steps prior ship’s arrival in yard premises), was a keystone project in respect of extent of scope of works (scrubber retrofitting, a large volume of mechanical works, etc), calling for a coordinated efforts of Client’s and Shipyard’s teams for a successful completion. The main scope of scrubber retrofitting works consisted of: Steel works: >Scrubber casing: up to 60 t; >Soft steel: up to 12 t and several small pcs (foundations, supports, outfitting). Treatment works ( grit-blasting SA2, power tooling, paint application): >Scrubber casing (internal/external); >Scrubber foundation; >Outfitting in scrubber casing; >Galvanized pipes - scrubber casing & ER; >Pipes supports - scrubber casing & ER; >External scrubber casing: mark with paint. Pipe works ( manufacture/install): >Mild steel pipe: >welded type up to 210 rm (up to 400 ND) and various elbows, flanges, U-bolts, etc; >Rolled pipe: up to 10 rm (1400 &1500 ND). >O/S Pipe works: installation: >Duplex pipe (O/S) – ND 1500; >Degassing tube O/S - ND 800; >GRE tube (O/S); >Stainless steel pipe (O/S) – up to 335 rm; >Copper pipe (O/S) - up to 30 rm. O/S equipment/valves installation: Scrubber unit, scrubber pre-absorber, fans, intake/bypass dampers, expansion joint bellows, pumps, control panels, remote control panels, etc. Electrical works: install & connect more than 4500 running meters of O/S electrical cables. Constanta, September 2023
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