> 2023-IDUN R




After completion of a successful project in 2021 (the hoper dredger SIF-R), our Danish Client, Rohde Nielsen A/S, approached the Shipyard at the beginning of fall for a next challenging project, IDUN R.

Upon completion of her commercial commitments in Egypt, the vessel proceeded to Constanta Shipyard for a thorough maintenance, which scope of works have included:


> Normal docking works: anodes renewal, anchor chain cleaning & measuring, valves    O/h, measure rudder clearence, rudder stocks and rudder blades removal (2 pcs), tailshaft withdrawal (2pcs), sealing system o/h (2 jobs);

> Treatment and painting:

                                  ο External hull: HPFW 250 bar washing up to 2,300 sqm, full grit blasting

                                     to SA2 up to 3F/C of paint application;

                                  ο Ventilation and exhaust funnel: sandblast and paint 2 coats inside up to

                                     40 sqm;

> Soft steel works: up to 10 tonnes;

> Pipe works renewal:

                                  ο Suction pipe in tunnel dia 760-22rm incl 2 elbow

                                  ο outlet pipe, from dredge pump 1 elbow dia 760

                                  ο renew diffuser centre T-pipe. in ER hopper area dia 760-6.4 rm+dia 550

                                     1 rm+2 intersection

                                 ο MD- middle of the hopper-spool dia 760 + 2 flanges

                                 ο remove the X-pipe by the flanges dia 700 mm

> install O/S chill water system

> cargo valves o/h

> ventilators o/h; electric motors o/h


Thanks to the excellent cooperation between ship's Technical Superintendent and the assigned Contract Manager and his support & production team, despite of complex and clashing jobs for this specific project, the contracted volume of works were finalized on time and to the Client's satisfaction.

As a sign of recognition Constanta Shipyard capacity in performing specific repair & maintenance works on dredging vessels, the Client issued a letter of recommendation, proving the shipyard capacity for this type of works, too.



Type Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger
Status finished
LOA 79
B 14
DWT 2772
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