> 2023-FREUD

A just completed challenging project of scrubber retrofitting for a suezmax tanker, came to confirm the long lasting cooperation with one of our traditional Greek customers.

M/T FREUD, which scrubber project started with prefabrication steps in 2022, was a keystone project in respect of extent of scope of works (scrubber retrofitting, a large volume of mechanical works, etc), calling for a coordinated efforts of Client's and Shipyard's teams for a successful completion.

The main scope of scrubber retrofitting works consisted of:




Steel works:

- Scrubber casing: up to 60 t;

- Soft steel: up to 12 t and several small pcs (foundations, supports, outfitting).


Treatment works (grit-blasting SA2, power tooling, paint application):

- Scrubber casing (internal/external);

Scrubber foundation;

- Outfitting in scrubber casing;

- Galvanized pipes- scrubber casing & ER;

Pipes supports- scrubber casing & ER;

- External scrubber casing: mark with paint.


Pipe works (manufacture/install):

- Mild steel pipe:

-welded type up to 210 rm (up to 400 ND) and various elbows, flanges, U-bolts, etc;

-Rolled pipe: up to 10 rm (1400 & 1500 ND).

- O/S Pipe works: installation:

-Duplex pipe (O/S)- ND 1500

-Degassing tube O/S- ND 800

-Stainless steel pipe (O/S)- up to 335 rm

-Copper pipe (O/S)- up to 30 rm.


O/S equipment/valves installation: Scrubber unit, scrubber pre-absorber, fans, intake/bypass dampers (8 pcs), expansion joint bellows (6 pcs), pumps, control panels, remote control panels; up to 27 pcs of valves various dia.


Electrical works: install & connect O/S electrical cables 4530 rm.






Type Tanker
Status finished
LOA 276
B 48
DWT 157,620
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