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ATHINA M … A shiny lady


The need in reduction of ship’s fuel consumption and fulfilling the new environmental rules, imposed the Shipowners to invest in new products, equipment and technologies to reach this goal.

Once a resolution is approved, they need (case-by-case) a proper and experienced Shipyard to apply it / put in place the innovative solution.

SANTIERUL NAVAL CONSTANTA SA (CONSTANTA SHIPYARD) was a frontrunner deeply involved since many years in installing energy saving devices (MEWIS, SCHNEKLUTH ducts, side nozzles, PBCF, etc), replacement of bulbous bow, silicon based antifouling application of underwater hull, propellers, retrofitting complex ballast water treatment systems (BWTS), scrubbers, from various Makers / types, on board of a wide range of ships like port-containers, oil tankers, bulkers and general cargo.

A couple of months ago, one of this type of projects, calling Constanta Shipyard, was an 52.000 Dwt oil tanker – m/t ATHINA M , belonging to one of our long lasting, traditional partners, EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN MARITIME, Greece .

Amongst various dry-docking and repairs works, the Owners decided that during the repairs period to install a BWTS (based on electrolysis principle) and also to apply an innovative AZRA-TECH nano-epoxy advanced coating on their good ship’s underwater area.

In full confidence and professionalism, benefiting the state-of-the art new set of hydro-jetting equipment, SANTIERUL NAVAL CONSTANTA SA (CONSTANTA SHIPYARD), managed to complete this challenging project within contractual period of time, to the full satisfaction of paint manufacturer, Class and Shipowners.


Despite the turmoil period world economy is currently passing , SANTIERUL NAVAL CONSTANTA SA ( CONSTANTA SHIPYARD) keeps its vision & mission to serve the reputable clients and to preserve its long-standing values established and consolidated during its 130 years history, as a reliable partner for the future , being your shipyard of choice in the Black Sea !


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