> 2022-RYMAN

A long lasting cooperation with one of our traditional Greek customers, continued in 2022 with a project from a series of several retrofitting projects developed together.

M/T RYMAN was a challenging project in respect of extent of scope of works (scrubber retrofitting, a large volume of mechanical works), calling for a coordinated efforts in planning the sequences on board, along with several other ongoing projects.

The main scope of works consisting of:





  • Normal docking works;
  • External hull treatment;
  • Pipe works: renewal up to 120 rm;
  • Mechanical and electrical works: ME o/h- 6 lines; PV Valves o/h (14 pcs); ME injectors o/h- 18 pcs; ME turbocharger-1 pc; ME air cooler cleaning-1 pc; A/E governor o/h-3 nos; A/E turbocharger-3 pcs); Cargo pumps o/h (3 pcs), Ballast pumps o/h (2 pcs); Pumps o/h (14 pcs), Electric motors o/h (31 pcs).
  • Staging: up to 1,000 cbm.


Steel works:
  • Structural steel: up to 60 t;
  • Soft steel: foundations up to 11 t.

Treatment works:
  • Scrubber casing; scrubber foundation; outfitting- ladders, handrails, access platforms; galvanized pipes-scrubber casing & ER; pipes support- scrubber casing & ER; external scrubber casing-mark with paint;

Pipe works manufacture/install:
  • Mild steel pipe; galvanized steel pipe; O/S Duplex/ Stainless steel/ GRE Installation of O/S various equipment & electrical cable installation: up to 4000 rm.




Type Tanker
Status finished
LOA 249. 89
B 43.80
DWT 112 829
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