Naming Ceremony for M/T “Histria Atlas” - 11th of April 2019
The 41,000 DWT Oil Tanker – Chemical Tanker, bearing Hull No. 589, was named Histria Atlas in a traditional naming ceremony held at the Constanta Shipyard on 11th of April 2019.
Histria Atlas is the 1st in a series of 3 + 3 vessels of this size to be built by Constanta Shipyard and to be managed by Histria Shipmanagement. The new lady of the Histria Shipmanagement fleet will play an important role operating in the global trade system, being capable of berthing also in restricted, shallow-draught, harbor conditions.
She is RINA classed and has a overall length of 180 meters, a breadth of 32.26 meters and a scantling draught of 11.20 meters, with ten (10) epoxy coated cargo tanks (+2 slop tanks) by means of transverse bulkheads and C.L. longitudinal bulkhead. The propulsion system is based on a 2-stroke MAN B&W 6S50ME-C9.5 engine. A couple of design highlights would also include:
• Innovation & Performance:
- Best available technology, 80% of the equipment from E.U.
• Efficient Design Solution:
- Meeting EEDI requirements of 2025
• Crew Comfort to High Standards:
- Space optimized accommodation arrangement
• Products & Chemicals:
- Suitable to operate refined petroleum products and chemicals
- Maximum cargo intake over a shallow draught design to operate in draught restricted ports. She can carry 12% more cargo than the traditional vessels with the same draft and beam.
- Optimized Net tonnage/Gross tonnage ratio (0.43)
• Fully Optimized Design:
- New optimized hull lines, CFD optimized and proven by extensive model testing
• Bridge and Performance System:
- Integrated bridge system which includes the Cargo Control Room
• Excellent Maneuverability in Restricted Waters
- A high specter rudder with high-speed hydraulics supports close quarters maneuvering. With the assistance of the bowthruster the vessel is self-supporting in harbors and on rivers.
Mrs. Gabriella Salerno, wife of Mr. Ugo Salerno, CEO & Chairman of RINA, was the Godmother and performed the naming of the vessel.
Over 250 guests attended the happy event on Thursday, representing prestigious international banks, major oil companies and international traders of petroleum and chemical products, owners who own oil & product tankers and are interested in our project, brokerage houses, lawyers, consultants and insurers specialized in maritime transportation, ship design companies, ship equipment manufacturers, but also local authorities representatives, classification society and many others.
Speaking upon the naming ceremony, Mr. Gheorghe Bosinceanu, the President of both companies Constanta Shipyard and Histria Shipmanagement, said:
“Constanta Shipyard celebrated 127 years. The Founding Act was signed on 24th of October 1892 by the Director of Hydraulic Services at the Ministry of Public Works. Throughout the five generations, the shipbuilders from Constanta Shipyard have docked over 6,000 vessels for specific works and upgrades. They built and delivered 461 maritime vessels, of which the last 21 were 41,000 DWT oil and chemical tankers built on the basis of a successful integral Romanian project. Benefiting from this long experience, this time in collaboration with a German ship designer, we are proud to propose to the Maritime Transport Association a new and innovative 40,000 DWT tanker project without rival in the oil and chemical tanker class which is part of. The constructive features (loading capacity, fuel consumption, automation class, compliance with the highest environmental standards) will ensure the success of the new series of ships proposed to the market by our shipyard.”
M/T “Histria Atlas” is another example of the mobility, persistence and flexibility of merchant maritime forces. She and her coming sister vessels are joining a renewed and emboldened fleet, more modern, more capable, than ever before.
The project known as ECOMAXMR1 is the result of a successful cooperation between Constanta Shipyard and Histria Shipmanagement, which skills have complimented each other to deliver this complex project.
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