Complex repairs & upgrades during 2022

As a prime Romanian Navy contractor, during beginning of 2022, Constanta Shipyard was awarded with a complex process of maintenance, retrofitting and upgrading of one of the important unit of Romanina Navy Forces, the F111 frigate MARASESTI.

During the repair/upgrading period, the frigate, built in Romania and delivered to Romanian Navy in 1985, benefited the following works meant to improve the operational, technical conditions and standards on board.

The main scope of works was including:

  • standard docking works;
  • complete surface treatment works of outer hull, decks and superstructure;
  • extensive steel & pipe renewal works to restate the ship's condition;
  • extended overhauling of propulsion systems (2 x CPP + 2 X FPP) and steering system;
  • full overhauling of majors ship's systems, including M/E and AUX Engines, air coolers;
  • install of a new & modern echo sounder & loch systems;
  • complete refurbishment of ship's accomodation to increase the onboard living standard;
  • installation of new units of used water treatment, to comply with international regulations & various other new equipment's (pumps/ compressor /air station/ valves);
  • helicopter compartment & helideck maintenance and upgrading works.

We are confident that by the underwent repairs & retrofitting program, the ship's capabilities were significantly increased, serving to the scope the frigate was designed, allowing us to wish her and her new crew: smooth seas and safe sea service!


Type Frigate
Status finished
LOA 144.60
B 14.80
DWT ---
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