> 2021-MT RIVERA

A challenging retrofitting project of scrubber installation was performed on board of one of our traditional customers, between mid-September-mid October 2021.




  • Steel works:

- structural steel: up to 60 tons;

- soft steel: foundations up to 11 tons:


  • Treatment works:
      -Scrubber casing/foundation; outfitting- ladders, handrails, access platforms;  
            galvanized pipes-scrubber casing & ER; pipes supports-scrubber casing & ER   
            External Scrubber casing.

  • Pipe works manufacture/install

      - Mild steel pipe/ Galvanized steel pipe/O/S Duplex & Stainless steel/ O/S GRE pipe 

             (more than 430 r.m. of various diameters).


  • Various O/S Equipment installation.

  • O/S electrical cable installation: up to 4000 m, cable connection.

  • Insulation & scaffolding.





Type Tanker
Status finished
LOA 249. 89
B 43.80
DWT 112 829
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