At the end of summer 2017, Constanta Shipyard, welcomed the 50.06 m, 163 545 DWT, tanker ship, ALEKSEY KOSYGIN, belonging to SCF MANAGEMENT SERVICE LTD. When she left few weeks later, she had completed the retrofitting of Ecochlor – Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) Ballast Water Treatment System.
The main scope of works (apart to relevant standard volume of DD & repair jobs), was mainly consisting of :

Retrofit installation of Water Ballast Treatment System

  • Manufacture and install  treatment system room new bulkhead
  • Manufacture foundation and install O/S filter units in PR, incl foundations
  • Manufacture foundation and install O/S filter units in ER, incl foundations
  • Pipe system installation, up to 782 rm steel pipe, 175 rm of O/S pipe GRE,  O/S valves installation
  • New cable installation –up to 7,077 m , install and connect electrical panel

Additional, the project included rudder clearance, valves overhauling, pumps overhauling, major engine works including complete overhauls of the main engine and the auxiliary boilers. On completion a total of 22,800 sqm has been fully coated as per the vessel’s paint specification.
Upon completion of works, we delivered to our traditional customer, an improved and more efficient ship.


Status finished
LOA 280.5
B 50.06
DWT 163 545
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